What are the steps for my Smart Pizza project?

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Buying a Smart Pizza to boost a pizza business or to start a new activity might be stressful. What will happen? What are the different phases between the first call and the Smart Pizza machine start-up? Here is  the process overview:

First of all, get in touch with our advisors, on the phone, by filling out the contact form on the website or during a professional event. Then:

🧐 The review

Once your request is submitted to our advisors, they will answer your questions while taking into account your needs and guide you as your project matures. In the first place, the Smart Pizza team helps you choose:
→ the Smart Pizza options (long canopy, regular commercial sign, 360° commercial sign…)
→ the financing solutions (cash, personal, or professional loan, leasing…)
→ the sites and preparation work (vending machine’s location and installation work)

📑 The order

When the options, the financing method, and the location are chosen, your advisor will send you:
→ An overview of documents you need to provide
→ The details on how to pay for your Smart Pizza
→ The form showing a detailed overview of your Smart Pizza order

🎨 Customization 

Once all information is received, your Smart Pizza will go into production. It’s time to choose your own graphic design for your Smart Pizza. The Smart Pizza design team will assist you with your design. You can choose:
→ The color of the payment system area 
→ Your identity (Logo,name and contact info)
→ The personalized style of your Smart Pizza (Photos, colors…)

🍕 Setting up

Depending on the site where the pizza vending machine will be installed (storefront, indoors, or outdoors), some site preparation might be necessary. Internet and electricity connections need to be in place before the machine is delivered. Once the preparation work is done, our certified technician will take care of the installation and the configuration. Once our technician is finished, your Smart Pizza is ready to be used. 

🤓 Training

Before or after your Smart Pizza is installed, our team of advisors will train you on how to use and take care of the machine. It’s not rocket science, but it’s extremely important for your success that you feel comfortable using the Smart Pizza. In this training you will learn how to use the Smart Pizza management software and the interface on the machine to adjust the settings such as the baking temperature and time, pricing, photos, and many other parameters. You will also be taught how to take care of your machine. When to clean? How to clean? etc. 

🎉 Grand Opening

During this process we will assist you to be successful. We will share information about different ways to launch your product and do the Grand Opening of your Smart Pizza. API TECH will also share photos and the location of your machine on Social Media to make pizza lovers aware!

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