Smart Pizza's industry-standard technology provides reliable 24/7 operation.


Designed to produce the same quality of pizza as in restaurants, it is the only machine on the market with a deck oven. For a continuity of service and a preserved taste!

Two Smart Pizza models are available

  • 64 stored pizzas
  • 1 hearth oven
  • 1 delivery hatch
  • 96 stored pizzas
  • 2 deck ovens
  • 2 delivery hatches

Your autonomous sales companion

Ovens 1 or 2 hearth furnaces Preserve the quality of your know-how
100% connected 100% connected Facilitated sales and supply management
Full parameterization Photos, descriptions of the different products sold
Indoor or outdoor Indoor or outdoor Choice of installation site
96 pizzas stored 96 pizzas stored of 200 different types
Hot or cold Distributed pizzas hot or cold
Disponibilité Available 24/7
Tous types de paiement All types of payment CB, cash, non-contact

A unique cooking with
hearth oven & grill

All Smart Pizza machines are equipped with a real deck oven for a traditional baking quality. A heating element serving as a grill is also part of the cooking system to gratinate pizzas when required. Everything is controlled by the pizza maker and according to each type of pizza. Smart Pizza's unique system allows the pizza to bake out of its cardboard box to preserve its taste and crispness.

When the Smart Pizza dispenser is on standby, you can set your holding temperature and time slots to automatically lower the oven temperature.


For each type of pizza, you can adjust:

  • The oven temperature
  • Cooking time
  • The activation or not of the grill
  • The gratinating time

All these parameters allow you to manage the baking of a pizza or simply its reheating according to your choice. The performance of the oven allows you to deliver your pizzas with a core temperature higher than 63°C / 145.4°F according to the regulations in force. Our sales team is equipped with demonstration ovens so that you can test its operation by yourself.

To know more about it

Cold room

Smart Pizza's technology allows you to manage the stock of pizzas in the cold room according to their age at the time of the inventory: the oldest pizzas are chosen first (FIFO). The best-before date is also taken into account by the management system, allowing the oldest pizzas to be put on promotion to limit your breakage rate. It automatically blocks the sale of pizzas that have reached their use-by date.

The temperature of the cold room is regulated at 5°C / 41°F and can be adjusted according to your needs. A permanent temperature curve allows a good traceability of the respect of the cold chain. An alarm allows to control abnormal temperature thresholds with email sending and sales blocking to avoid any sanitary risk. The refrigeration unit uses R134 gas that complies with environmental standards and the automated system also manages the condenser defrost cycles.

Quick and easy remote control

AT Web is a simple web-based software that allows you to access your Smart Pizza 24/7 from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Designed like a dashboard, it allows you to control your machine remotely. This allows you to :

Changing the pizza photos and the advertising slideshow
Access sales statistics
Parameterize your pizza recipes (ingredients, allergens, baking time, selling price, shelf life...)
Access to the stock of pizzas in the cold room (balance by type of pizza, promotional pizzas, expired pizzas...)
Set all cooking and cooling parameters


The Web AT is also the way for API Tech engineers to be able to realize :

  • Updates
  • Remote maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Automatic reception of malfunctions in the server database 
visuel atweb

The system is designed so that the Smart Pizza team can provide maximum assistance and interventions remotely. The engineers are constantly working on the evolution of the software and regularly implement new functionalities from which you benefit as updates are released.


Several means of payment are possible

You can choose from a variety of payment methods, or limit it to credit cards or remote payment only. However, all these payment devices are possible on the Smart Pizza :

Online payment (Smart Pizza application)
Coins and notes
Credit card (Eurocard, Mastercard and Visa)


Smart Pizza is a good way to increase your sales without incurring major expenses such as the opening of a new restaurant or the expansion of an existing one involving the purchase of equipment, work and fittings. In addition, the distributor does not require you to be present during opening hours since it sells autonomously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Different financing plans are possible for your Smart Pizza: leasing or purchase.

Smart Pizza

Example of a distributor's profitability in France: On the basis of a cost price of the pizza at £2.00 and a selling price of £9.00, you are profitable from 7 pizzas/day sold. With this minimum sale, you already make a profit. If you choose to buy the Smart Pizza, by selling 22 pizzas/day you can then amortize its cost in 2 years and a half.

Free project study

A fully customizable point of sale

Smart Pizza is designed to be positioned in the place that suits you best. In window or kiosk mode, it requires no additional shelter for outdoor installation.

The front, back and sides of the Smart Pizza dispenser are fully customizable. You can add your logo, text and images to reflect your identity.

The large HD touch screen allows you to scroll through an advertising slide show either on your products, your brand or on partners you want to promote. The screen is protected by tempered glass and its positioning has been designed for use by people with reduced mobility. As simple and intuitive as the control terminals of fast-food restaurants, customers appreciate the fluid control interface.


Smart Pizza App

In order to best meet the current expectations of consumers and their "click & collect" habits, the Smart Pizza mobile application was created. It allows your customers to geolocate nearby retailers and order online. The pizzas are then reserved and scheduled for collection at the time chosen by the customer. The payment of the order is made via the application limiting the time spent at the vending machine.