Interested In The Ability To Grow Sales With Decreased Seating Capacity?

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Expanding your current foodservice operation

Smart Pizza has been designed to be a business booster, a way to grow a food business without a hefty investment. For existing restaurants, it can be a complementary income that is autonomous. Sales can be made at any hour and without extra staff needed. The idea is to sell more with less effort and increase your customer base and revenue.

Smart Pizza doesn’t make pizza

Smart Pizza refrigerates parbaked pizzas and bakes 2 pizzas properly with integrated deck-style ovens in less than 3 minutes or dispenses a refrigerated pizza in less than 30 seconds. 

Why doesn’t the machine create pizza from scratch? Here are a few reasons:

  • To avoid food safety problems in the ingredients’ dispensers. 
  • To offer a large variety of pizzas
  • To guarantee the pizzaiolo is able to serve the same quality pizza in a Smart Pizza as if it was served at a restaurant.
  • To significantly reduce the amount of maintenance and cleaning required so pizzaiolos can focus on their expertise.

Every pizza recipe combination is possible with Smart Pizza. There is no limitation on the amount of toppings or the type of dough. 

The Operator is the “chef”

HomeMade SmartPizza Mini

API TECH created a Smart Pizza that provides pizzaiolos and other foodservice operations the tools to offer high quality and original pizzas. The pizzaïolo and/or the operator are responsible for their Smart Pizza(s) and the quality of their products. 

Smart Pizza can be managed remotely through the Smart Pizza Management Software, an online control panel and accessible on smartphone, tablet, and computer. The Pizza Chef can monitor sales and inventory, so when the machine is running empty, the chef starts making more pizzas.

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