How much does a Smart Pizza Vending Machine cost?

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A Pizza Vending Machine costs less than a restaurant

Sure, investing in Smart Pizza is less expensive and it is also a lot easier than starting a restaurant. On average, purchasing and running a Smart Pizza vending machine costs 80% less than owning a brick and mortar place. Plus, it has other advantages:

> Low investment: 
In order to start a restaurant, it is necessary to buy cooking equipment, building, furniture… which represents a significant amount of money. On the contrary, a Smart Pizza business can be launched quickly and for less than $85,000. 

> Low rent and/or even getting paid to place your machine: 
Compared to usual monthly payments in the food business, the Smart Pizza offers a great advantage. It can be placed in very attractive locations on small surfaces and get a lot of clients without paying expensive rent. Other solutions are also possible: set up agreements with store owners to place your machine on their premises and increase client’s foot traffic so it’s a win-win situation. In some cases, you can be asked to place a Smart Pizza on campus or in a company, therefore you might even be paid a fee for the service you provide.

> Low working hours and staffing costs: 
Operating a Smart Pizza fleet makes you the boss! You choose your hours, your recipes and monitor everything remotely. Depending on the fleet size, you will need staff but it will be easier to hire them because of the hours that are way different than in a traditional restaurant. It also implies that the range of working hours will be less important thus a more affordable salary.

> Low insurance fees: 
The cost to insure a restaurant is quite expensive according to the risks that are at stake: kitchen, employees, clients… Insuring a Smart Pizza is way more affordable!

The price varies according the options you choose

The Smart Pizza vending machine is available starting at $73,499 and many options are possible to fit your needs at best:

> Custom cover design
> Extended roof 
> Standard or extended roof with commercial sign
> Commercial sign with spotlights
> Extended roof with 360° commercial sign
> Extended roof with 360° commercial sign and spotlights

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