Fresh vs frozen pizzas in Pizza Vending Machines

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There are always two sides for this question. On one side, there is a group that prefers frozen because it is a lot easier to use frozen products and products last longer compared to using fresh products. On the other side, there is a team that is absolutely against frozen food, because reheating frozen food affects the food quality significantly, and they would prefer fresh food at any cost.

Fresh ingredients

It is common knowledge that fresh food contains more vitamins and nutritional value than any other type of food. The less transformed the product is, the richer it is. For some products, the freezing process deeply alters their quality: eggs, fruit & vegetables mainly composed of water (tomatoes, lettuce,…), cheese (goat cheese, camembert,…), potatoes, sauces, … If those products are on your frozen pizzas, it is guaranteed that the taste, texture and nutritional value will be far less compared to using fresh products.

Smart Pizza refrigerator

The Smart Pizza does not have a  freezer, therefore pizzas are stored in a refrigerated box below 41 Degrees Fahrenheit or cooler if your local health department requires this. 

Although frozen pizzas can usually be stored longer, the shelf life of fresh pizzas will depend on the ingredients used and the Smart Pizza will automatically block pizzas from being sold once the products are expired. 
Pizza vending machines storing frozen pizzas might find it difficult to fully reheat the pizzas. The technology currently available to do this is a microwave oven which has its own challenges and it is nearly impossible to offer a restaurant-quality pizza.

That’s the reason why Smart Pizza recommends using your own fresh ingredients and par-baking pizzas before storing them in the machine. The quality of the ovens will take care of the rest!

Smart Pizza ovens

Our technology is designed to favor fresh pizzas and fresh ingredients. The Smart Pizza oven is composed of a hearthstone which regulates the oven temperature and a broiling system so the toppings and bottom of the pizza are crispy. This unique oven is controlled by the Smart Pizza Management System that allows operators to tweak the baking settings for up to 4,000 different types of pizzas and therefore always creating the ideal baking environment for each pizza. Baking settings that can be adjusted are as follows:

> The hearthstone temperature (up to 662°F)
> The baking time
> The broiling time

All these settings allow the operator to have total control of the pizza baking environment and guarantee pizza of the best quality.

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frozen vs fresh pizza vending machine


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