Customer Loyalty with Smart Pizza?

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Your Smart Pizza machine is specifically made for an optimum use by the operator. Design, smooth touchscreen, and remote management system are all thought out to generate additional income. Cherry on the cake: several functionalities exist so it can boost your sales!

Pizza Roulette

Pizza machine customer loyalty

Just like a slot machine, Smart Pizza has its own game. At the end of each order, the customer is invited to play and maybe win. If three pizzas in a row appear on the screen, a pizza is offered for free right away!

Once again, we like to please the customer but the main goal is to be helpful to the operator. Hence, you can define every feature of the pizza roulette: the percentage of chance to win, which pizza you want to offer... To go further and ease the inventory management, you can choose to offer pizzas close to the expiration date. It is another way to limit the waste.

Earning points

Similar to supermarket loyalty cards, you can encourage your clients to come back to your Smart Pizza machine over and over again. They just have to create a customer account on the Smart Pizza APP or on the machine. Every purchase gives your customers PIZZ points . As the operator, you can define how many points they can get according to the amount your clients spend on your Smart Pizza. In the end, they will be able to pay their future pizzas with their points and get free pizza. :)

Promotional code

The Smart Pizza Management System is designed to help you sell more! You can easily generate promotional codes to help boost your sales. If you have a social network account, you can create the buzz! Once you make a post with the code, your Smart Pizza might be invaded by foodies, beware ;) Our system makes it possible to always stay in control of the codes so there’s no misuse.

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