5 tips to boost your Smart Pizza sales!

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There is always a way to create more sales. Sometimes it doesn’t take much effort or doesn’t take much time but it can really make a difference. Here are 5 tips to increase your Smart Pizza sales.

1. Choose the right Smart Pizza wrapping design

With Smart Pizza, you can decide what your Smart Pizza looks like: colors, photos, images, and texts can be fully customized. The exterior of your pizza vending machine is what will attract customers. You have to seize this opportunity to make it as attractive as possible. All the strengths of your pizza offer should be displayed: if it’s handmade, if you have specialties, if you have vegan/gluten free products… Any argument that could appeal to a customer is worth mentioning. However, be careful and don’t put too much information so customers can easily understand. If you are active on social media, don’t forget to mention them clearly.

2. Show how you work and display your team

Customers get easily attached to the chef. In order to build a relationship, it is important to showcase how your team works and show there are human beings behind the machine. For example, you could choose to display a photo of your team making pizza on the touchscreen of your Smart Pizza vending machine. Besides, the customer is reassured by the fact that the pizzas are made by professionals and not by a machine (it is a common misunderstanding that needs to be clarified). If you have a social network page (mainly Facebook or Instagram), don’t hesitate to display the “backstage” of how pizzas are made, your colleagues, and your passion. This might even go viral!

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3. Communicate your recipes

Your pizzas are at the core of your business. It is your product and its ingredients that make the difference! Your pizzas are your creation and should be well promoted. On the touchscreen of the Smart Pizza vending machine or on the covering, you can choose to display one of your trade secrets or some of your recipes to make your customers want to buy it. If you try a new recipe or create seasonal pizzas, it is a great occasion to talk about it and post nice pictures on your social network page. 

4. Create promotions

On your Smart Pizza vending machine, it is possible to create promotions and when you do so, inform your Facebook/Instagram community that they can benefit from it! You can also organise online contests to make one of your followers win a pizza or simply a promotional code.

As with a slot machine, Smart Pizza has its own game called Pizza Roulette. Everytime an order is placed, the customer is invited to play and potentially win a free pizza right away!

5. Use social media

It may seem obvious but social media is an important tool when promoting your pizza vending machine. Having a page with the name of your machine(s) and publishing photos and info regularly will help you sell more. Great occasions to create posts are when you:
- replenish the machine
- create promotions
- prepare pizzas with your team
- take a picture of the beautiful pizzas you make

These posts will create a community of loyal followers and make them more attracted to your products. The tone of your publications must be professional and funny at the same time. Sharing your passion with your clients always pays off.
If you use paid options on social media, you can maximise the visibility of your business by geographically targeting your customers and reaching them easily.

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