Your personalized vending machine

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Getting your pizza vending machine to feature your cooking skills without featuring your identity? Inconceivable! With Smart Pizza, you get a large choice of personalization. 

Smart machines are customizable on every side so you can get maximum visibility for your business. Reproduce closely your own graphic identity on your Smart Pizza is not a problem. Your logo, your genuine pizzas or your mascot, you can add anything you want on your machine! Our designer works with you for a modern design and let you choose colours, fonts, plain or textured background.

Product description
With the management software, you are able to detail the composition of your home made pizzas. Thus, you can even precise the category “vegan”, “gluten free”...and adapt to the current clients’ needs. For a better visualisation of your products, you can add your own photos to the sales interface provoking a better selling rate.

Smart Pizza’s personalization is even applied  to the oven and grill settings. According to the ingredients and bases of each pizza, the time of baking and grilling is not the same. Via the management software, you adjust the temperatures and the time of cooking for each type of pizza in order to get a perfect result everytime.

Fidelity program & Pizza Roulette
To strengthen your customers’ flow, a fidelity program is available on Smart Pizza’s software. You adjust it as you want and make your clients win Pizz’. Then, they can pay with it or get a pizza for free. Thanks to this feature, you make a success of your activity and make your your clients wait for their pizza (ready in 3 minutes) by playing at the exclusive Pizza Roulette! Of course, you have the choice to use it or not.

For the rainy days or to benefit from a larger visibility, all the Smart Pizza machines can be covered in different ways: no canopy, long canopy, regular or 360° commercial sign.

A true machine as I please!