Why own a fleet of Smart Pizza?

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The restaurant in a box industry is flourishing. The Covid-19 crisis has strengthened the need for people to get quality food contactless. The secret, just like in real estate, is the location! Once a good location is found, you can be certain to make money quickly.

Low investment


 Low investment


Compared to the amount of money and paperwork needed to open a restaurant, Smart Pizza is a lot more affordable and easier to launch. Once purchased, Smart Pizza is ready to perform. There’s no need for renovation or decoration works, no time wasted on waiting for furniture, no difficulties experienced when hiring staff.


Less expenses


 Less expenses


The regular expenses to run a brick and mortar restaurant are quite consistent: 
> rent or lease
> staff
> taxes related to premises
> electricity
> furniture, consumables, and food service equipment
kitchen appliances…
> cleaning service
> cash register
> licence

With Smart Pizza, whether you own one or a fleet of machines, the costs are significantly lower:
1. You pay (cash, credit or leasing) your Smart Pizza vending machine and quickly pay it off
2. You hire a pizzaiolo
3. And you are good to go!




 24/7 income


Since the Smart Pizza performs 24/7, pizzas can be sold while you are sleeping! There is no need to be present to earn money. Weekends or bank holidays are no longer sacrificed. As long as the machine is replenished, all sales are possible.


easy level of development


 Easy level of development


Owning Smart Pizzas results in more flexibility: 
→ if you are not happy with your sales, you can easily move Smart Pizza to a better performing location,
→ Communicate with your clients via the Smart Pizza app (email, phone number…)
→ Boost your sales by creating promotions via the remote management system
→ Use Social Media, Smart Pizza users are also digital users




 Managed remotely


Sales, turnover, inventory, temperatures...everything is under your control! Wherever you are, on a smartphone / tablet or computer, you can check all data and manage your prices, baking times, promotions… Manage 1 or multiple Smart Pizzas with Smart Pizza’s dashboard that will provide an accurate overview of your Smart Pizzas’ results. 



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iconRead 18 May 2020