What is the quality of the pizzas baked in the Smart Pizza ovens?

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Smart Pizza comes with 2 deck ovens ,and is designed to dispense high quality pizzeria-like pizzas to please a wide range of clients. Smart Pizza creators started the project with an assessment: “A traditional pizza is baked on a hearthstone! Why bake it any other way?”

Because vending machines are associated with poor quality food and there were no pizza vending machines on the market that allowed operators to offer a restaurant-quality pizza exactly the way they wanted it to be offered, API TECH decided to design a Pizza Vending Machine that was able to do exactly this. 

The winning combination of adjustable oven settings

The Smart Pizza oven is controlled by Smart Pizza Management Software allowing operators to tweak the settings so it can bake up to 200 different types of pizzas in the ideal baking environment. 

The Smart Pizza oven is composed of a hearthstone which regulates the oven temperature and a broiling system so the toppings and bottom of the pizza are crispy. For each type of pizza, you can adjust:

> The hearthstone temperature (up to 662°F)
> The baking time
> The broiling power
> The broiling time

All these settings allow the operator to have total control of the pizza baking environment and guarantee pizza of the best quality.

When the Smart Pizza is on standby after not being used for several hours, the temperature of the oven drops to save on electricity and when someone places an order, it only takes a few seconds for the oven to be back at ideal baking temperature.  

Baking pizza outside the pizza box, obviously

When an order is placed on Smart Pizza, the robot collects the pizza in the pizza box from the refrigerator, opens the lid, lifts the aluminum plate on which the pizza rests, and places the alu plate and pizza in the oven. The aluminum plate acts as a barrier between the food and the machine, which allows you to also offer gluten-free pizza and keep the amount of cleaning and maintenance to a minimum. The perforation in the plate guarantees that any moisture in the dough can escape in order to always have a crispy pizza bottom! Being able to offer quality is extremely important to have customers coming back to your Smart Pizza. 

4 major criteria for a quality pizza

Thanks to Smart Pizza and its proprietary baking system, it is possible to:

> Preserve the freshness of raw ingredients (salad, basil, tomato…)
> Broil toppings perfectly (cheese, …)
> Avoid dough and other ingredients from going soft
> Create crispy pizzas

Smart Pizza oven


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