How does the Smart Pizza Machine work?

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Smart Pizza must be seen as a super sales companion that will sell pizzas anytime, anywhere, to anyone. The operators only need to focus on making great pizzas. This is how Smart Pizza works: 

> Less Risk, More Reward

Why is running a restaurant so expensive? Well, there are long opening hours with a lot of downtime, renting, buying or building a brick-and-mortar facility, hire, train, and pay staff… all these costs add up and can present a huge risk when starting or opening a restaurant. 
Smart Pizza concentrates on what is essential: offering high-quality food. The main concern of the operators is to create delicious pizzas. The Smart Pizza will take care of:
> Baking
> Delivering
> Paying

> What Smart Pizza is made of

Smart Pizza is not a gadget! It consists of all the appliances needed to cook professionally. The technology regulates temperature, guarantees fresh pizzas are sold and keeps track of sales and inventory for over 1 year. Technically, the Smart Pizza consists of:
> A refrigerated unit with storage capacity for 96 pizzas
> A robot to take the pizza from the refrigerated unit to the oven
> Two hearth ovens and grills to bake pizza at higher temperatures without burning the pie

> The Process

Smart Pizza preparation Preparation
Prepare your pizzas. Make the pizza dough or use pre-made dough, apply the sauce and toppings.
Smart Pizza baking Partial Baking
Partially bake your pizzas in a commissary or licensed kitchen,  up to 75%.
Replenish Smart Pizza Replenish the Smart Pizza
Place your pizzas on an aluminum foil in the pizza box and bring them to the Smart Pizza! Replenish your Smart Pizza and fill in the free shelves in the refrigeration unit.
Order Smart Pizza Order
As soon as Pizza Lovers order pizza, Smart Pizza will transfer the pizza from the refrigeration unit to the oven. During the transfer, the robot will open the pizza box, take the pizza out of the box, and place it in the oven where the pizza is given a final cooking. A perforated aluminum plate is used to circulate the heat on all sides of the dough. Once the pizza is baked, the robot places it back in the box and dispenses it. Smart Pizza will bake 2 pizzas in 3 minutes.

Alternatively, customers can order freshly-made pizzas and bake the pizza offsite. After the order is placed, Smart Pizza will dispense par-baked pizzas in less than 30 seconds. 

> Ordering Process

Buying Pizza from the Smart Pizza Machine is child’s play! Designed to be user-friendly, Pizza Lovers can order their pizza in 2 different ways. 

> Order Online
Thanks to the Smart Pizza App,Pizza Lovers can use their smartphone to select a Smart Pizza machine near them scroll through the pizza recipes, place an order and select a time slot to pick up the pizzas. Payment can be made through the App as well.

> Order via the Touchscreen
Follow the instructions on the 24” touchscreen

Smart Pizza Touchscreen