Do I have to own a restaurant to operate a Smart Pizza?

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That’s a fair question! Many people think it is required to be a restaurant owner before investing in a Smart Pizza. The concept itself is to make and sell delicious pizzas as easy as possible 24/7.

If I’m a restaurant owner

Smart Pizza is a great way to generate extra income. As a restaurant owner, your customer base already knows your products and will be happy to get them even when the restaurant is closed. Smart Pizza gives you the opportunity to get some time off and sell at the same time. It is also a different way of attracting new clients. Depending on the location, your brand and products will be consumed by people who might not know your products yet or simply by people who need a 24/7 solution.

If I don’t have a restaurant

No worries, you can be successful without owning a restaurant. It is not required to be a restaurant owner to operate a Smart Pizza. The most important aspect when operating your Smart Pizza is to respect and follow all sanitary measures and food safety regulations created by the local health department in your State. 
Although many Smart Pizza owners are also restaurant owners, if your pizzas are tasty and your Smart Pizza is well located with an attractive design, it can easily be a success.

So what to do if you don’t own a restaurant, but you need a place to prepare your pizzas? Well, there are several options:

  1. Find a Commissary Kitchen in your area. Commissary kitchens are established commercial kitchens where foodservice providers can go to prepare and store their food. Some commissary kitchens cater specifically to food trucks and mobile food businesses, but others may be businesses that just rent out their kitchen space for some extra income. (Source:
  2. Partner with a local pizzeria or restaurant that will prepare a certain amount of pizzas for you on a daily basis.
  3. Invest and build a ghost kitchen. API TECH’s partners can help you with the design, installation, and training. 

If I want to operate a fleet of Smart Pizzas

Most Smart Pizza operators don’t have a restaurant. It is a lot easier to run than managing several restaurants with staff, preparation of the tables and opening hours. The secret is to cover a territory on strategic locations and offer a variety of tasty and quality products.

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