9 Success Factors for a Profitable Smart Pizza

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When you decide on the specific target market you want to focus on, the next step is deciding on your Smart Pizza’s location. This is crucial to position yourself for profitability.


Foot Traffic

High foot traffic is one of the most important factors when picking a location for your Smart Pizza. Higher foot traffic equals more purchases. As a result, a quicker return on your Smart Pizza. 

An ideal location would see approximately 1,000 visitors every 24 hours. 


When searching for a location it’s important to research the competition. Are there other Food Robots or Food Services in the area? 
If there is a lot of competition, you’ll most likely see less sales.  As a result, a slower return on your Smart Pizza.


Can you secure an agreement to be the only provider of snacks and/or beverages at said location?
Having an exclusive agreement keeps competition away.

Machine Accessibility

Are there mandated “lockout” hours when the machine must be off to make way for federal or state programs? Is the machine accessible during all hours of the day? Is the machine going to be out in the open or tucked away from the center of activity?
In an ideal location Smart Pizza is accessible 24/7/365.


Permission is usually required from the decision maker to place a Smart Pizza in a facility.  Establishing a relationship with that person and understanding the needs of their employees and customers is vital. There may be contractual conditions to be aware of.  

Customer Service

Remarkable customer service is the ultimate differentiator that will prevent your competitor from stealing away your profitable location. 
Make sure the machines are refilled and cleaned on a regular basis. Solve and answer any questions your customers have in due time.

Pizza Recipes

It is important to find out what type of pizza your customers want. When just starting out this can be done by doing market research and asking people in the area what their favorite pizza is. Once your customers start ordering from your Smart Pizza, the Smart software will create sales reports. These reports should be analyzed to find out what pizzas are selling really well on which day and time of the week. Are customers interested in a 10” breakfast pizza or will most sales occur after 3 PM? The sales reports and your research will give you the answers to make sure your machine is always stocked with the pizzas your customers want. 


Easy, affordable and viral: communicate on social media! Share how pizzas are prepared, when Smart Pizzas are replenished, highlight promotions, and introduce new products. 
By being active on social media and offering loyalty programs you’ll create a community loyal to your Smart Pizza. 



Keep your production cost low and your sales price attractive and affordable. This is a winning combination for a profitable Smart Pizza

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