Preserve your know-how with Smart Pizza!

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Designed to precisely meet the needs of pizza chefs, Smart Pizza machine uses a configurable hearth oven. Thus, the pizzaiolo doesn’t change his unique way of making pizzas and perpetuate his know-how! How? Find out by reading the following explanations:

1st step: Preparation
Prepare your pizzas as you normally do. Use your dough, sauces and toppings as usual.

2nd step: Cooking
In your professional kitchen or production centre, you can choose to either cook your entire pizza up to 75% or just the crust.

3rd step: Inserting into the vending machine
Put your pizzas in the pizza box and bring them to the vending machine! Replenish your Smart Pizza and fill in the free shelves in the cold box.

4th step: Finishing the baking
As soon as the client orders its pizza, the baking will be finished out of the pizza box, through an aluminium interface placed on the hearth oven. This perforated support helps the heat circulate and bakes the dough all around. The customer can choose to order its pizza either cold (and re-heat at home) or hot, ready to eat!

3 taste benefits thanks to the Smart Pizza technology
> Crispy dough through baking out of the box
> Fresh toppings preserved with the hearth oven
> Grilling customized according to the type of pizza

Food hygiene guaranteed thanks to the Smart Pizza management software
> Temperature curve in real-time
> Guaranteed traceability with archives over a year
> Regular checks and notifications if anomalies
> Constant temperature control
> Outdated pizzas automatically blocked

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