API Tech gives you a complete audit according to your needs in order to draft your functional specifications.

Design and French tailor-made manufacture, our field of action includes:

Maintenance and servicing of equipment

Design and manufacture of special machines

Specific IT development

Automatic machine programming

Electrical system engineering

Mechanical engineering

API Tech produces a wide variety of special machines

Machines dedicated to the cultivation of seaweed for cosmetics

Automation of agrifood processes

Food distributors

Control station of water control for communities

Packer / wrapper for tissue packs

Installations of automatic sanding of candelabras for street lighting

Machine for the manufacture of products for the medical industry

Special machines design

As each machine is unique, API Tech conceives and imagines it with you, according to your needs, your expectations and your criteria. It deploys its expertise to assist you in the realization of your project.

The team of experts in electronics, automation, IT and mechanics perfectly masters current technologies and can even create new systems based on your requests.

Mechanical study and realization

API Tech realizes itself the mechanical studies related to your project with a CAD program; and can also offer to make prototype in order to validate the whole or part of the theoretical study.

API Tech has developed technological partnerships with welding and mechanical companies located near the manufacture allowing to realize complex assemblies, from design to delivery and putting into service in your workshops.

Industrial electricity

From power circuits to control circuits, from major works to cabling of a cabinet and electrical panel, API TECH makes every effort to ensure a safe and secure installation.

IT development

Engineers and IT developers produce fluid interfaces for both the end user and the technical manager of the machine; a key role in facilitating communication between the human and the machine. Reporting, task management and remote system intervention, the software is designed to be easy to use and able to trace all important information.

For the development of automated solutions, trust API Tech!

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