Invest in an innovative business with Smart Pizza

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The booming FoodTech

Services and companies specialised in FoodTech are growing increasingly. They answer to gustatory, environmental or access issues. Creation, production and distribution, every link of the chain is impacted by the FoodTech. The evolution of consumption in general as well as the evolution of uses have largely inspired the Smart Pizza concept.

Match the needs in our time

Ordering his meal or groceries online has become usual practice while it was marginal ten years ago. The "click & collect" or the "pickup" notion on the commute is now settled in people's habits.

Another fact is that the restauration sector struggles to hire staff, working late and on weekends has become barriers for restaurant to develop their business. With Smart Pizza, the pizza maker can hire staff to prepare pizzas at less restrictive times than in a traditional restaurant.

Today, the customer wants to eat fast AND well. Even if he doesn't have time to eat, he wants to eat quality: fast food does not necessarily rhyme with junk food.

It is a fact, fewer and fewer shops are present in rural areas. Providing a solution for distributing fresh and artisanal products can only be a source of satisfaction.

Surround yourself with qualified pizzaïolos

Some restaurant chefs don't necessarily want to take on new investments while having the desire to continue to develop. This is where the investor comes in to get involved in this innovative FoodTech sector. Everyone focuses on their job in the end. By partnering with qualified pizzaïolos, the investor establishes his business plan by placing Smart Pizza in strategic locations and takes care of the financial investment also allowing pizza professionals to sell more and reach new customers.

In addition, with Smart Pizza, the investor can remotely monitor all the machines on the same interface (tablet, smartphone, computer) and in real time.

The profitability

To realise the potential for profitability, Smart Pizza shows a realistic example. If the cost of making the pizza is 2,10€ and is sold 8,10€ then from 7 pizzas sold per day, the machine already generates a margin. On a long-term view, the Smart Pizza can be fully paid back in 2.5 years at the rate of 22 pizzas sold / day or in 1 year with 35 pizzas sold / day.

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