14 Locations for a Successful Smart Pizza

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Similar to real estate, the most important aspect of operating a Smart Pizza is the LO-CA-TION. It has to be visible and easily accessible.

The small footprint and the remote accessibility create the opportunity for Smart Pizzas to be installed at many different locations.


> Places where there’s a large concentration of people

Each area occupied by a large group of people offers a great opportunity to sell day and night. These areas can be places where people live, study, or work. If the Smart Pizza vending machine is installed in the right location and refilled regularly, a lot of money can be made.


> Places where people commute

Everybody knows the major arteries of his city, these streets and roads where there is a lot of traffic at the end of the day and especially at the time when everybody is hungry. Perfect place, perfect time to grab a pizza from the vending machine. Access roads to cities where numerous drivers go by every day and stations are first choice locations!


> Places where delivery is limited or too expensive

In remote areas delivery is limited or just too expensive. It doesn't make sense to build a restaurant either if the return on investment is too low. By placing a more affordable solution, such as the Smart Pizza, operators don’t need to make a huge investment and are still capable of growing their customer base and meeting the demand in those areas.


> Places where people stop by

A quick stop to fill up the tank, to shop, to wash the car, to pick up a parcel or to go to the restroom. These places see a lot of visitors. People don’t stay long but long enough to order at the Smart Pizza Vending Machine (from 30 seconds to 3 minutes to get delicious pizza).


> In a restaurant 

If a restaurant owner is looking to increase sales, the Smart Pizza can be a great way to do this. If the restaurant is full, closed or clients only want to order take out, the Smart Pizza can handle the demand without the requirement for extra staff.


A few examples of profitable locations :

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations Station service Community Centers salles polyvalents


Hospitals hopital


Carwash Station de lavage


Rest Stops & Parks parc


Universities & Colleges université


Laundromats lavomatic


Bus & Train Stations gare


Hotels & Motels hotel


Grocery Stores supermarché


Parking Lots with High Foottraffic parking


Airports aeroport


Shopping Malls centre commercial


Business Centers centre d'affaires



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