Frédéric Deprun

Chief executive

Business manager and automation engineer for several years in different industries, Frédéric Deprun has undertaken many missions including internationally. Having always wanted to work for himself, he decided to set up API Tech at the age of 29.

Passionate about technology and machinery, he had been looking for a long time in which API Tech could market its own products and after being interested in Food Tech, it has seemed obvious to embark on the development of Smart Machines whose market is global.

However the success of this project was not possible without a developer able to support the company in a "startup" development, and this is how the Mentor Group became a shareholder of API Tech.

Loïc Michaux

Sales director

After completing his studies at ICN Business School, Loïc Michaux joined a recruitment agency as a chargé d'affaires. Passionate about new technologies, Loïc joined API Tech company because he was seduced by this new distribution mode and the perspectives that it opened.

Now part of the team as Commercial Director, the ambition is to become the number one player in the world. API Tech also recently opened new trade offices in US, United Kingdom and Germany.

Eric Valette

Technical manager

Being attentive, taking into account all specifications, business and technical constraints, requiring some brainpower and its reflection in order to achieve a solution tailored to customer needs

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Sébastien Pierronnet

Responsable de production

Design and technical office

Titouan Demonchaux

Mechanical Engineer

Adeline Demange

Industrial manager

Nicolas Kopp

Design draughtsman

Olivier Bary

Design draughtsman

Sylvain Hacquin

Automation engineer

Théophile Bresson

Search and development manager